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The first platform created within the OSH education system was the mobile VR itself, focused on the use of VR glasses. Since we were looking for a solution that would be simple, we chose the All-in-one solution, ie. Splices were created for Oculus Quest glasses. In the development of this platform application, we focused on the use of a real environment, direct human interaction […]

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Our goal was to create a health and safety training system. For better efficiency and usability of the solution, we decided to create both possibilities of using the VR, ie. VR application, both in 2D and complex, mobile version. We focused primarily on training scenarios for the healthcare sector. Our project started at a time when the covid-19 pandemic was in full force and health professionals were among

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Application of virtual reality technology to health and safety education

VR has a wide range of uses and its acquisition is increasing at a rapid pace. VR offers a competitive advantage in education and training of employees, thanks to it it is also possible to more effectively address statutory corporate regulations, such as health and safety, etc. VR can train employees effectively, cheaply and without language and other barriers using this technology successfully demolished.

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Occupational health and safety (OSH) and fire protection (FP) training through VR is a modern approach in preventing the risk of damage to employees’ health as a result of an accident at work or an occupational disease. Virtual reality education is possible in the form of training and coaching of new and experienced employees, health and safety training or, for example, training critical situations that may occur during the work process, but their simulations in the real world are either difficult to implement or very costly.

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