Protection against injury by a sharp object

The goal of the VÚBP project (project sponsor) and XR Institute  (virtual reality expert, hereinafter VR) Virtual reality in health and safety is to improve the technique and practice of the correct use of personal protective work equipment in protection against the covid-19 disease – to familiarize healthcare workers with the risks and protection against injuries from sharp objects. The training is primarily focused on injection needles (IJ) and cannulas – the most common source of risk. Many types of different germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi, hepatitis B and C, HIV, malaria, syphilis, TB, etc. can get into the subcutaneous tissue through a small puncture. The risk is influenced by the time of exposure, the amount of infected blood, the thickness of the needle, the resistance of viruses to external environment etc.

Workers are introduced to:

  • with the risk and possible consequences of being injured by injection needles,
  • with principles when using IJs and cannulas,
  • with the management of medical waste according to the catalog number of the type of waste 180101 sharp objects,
  • with first aid and injury procedures.

The environment is chosen neutral – only subjects that are part of the training are displayed. The process and individual elements are essential.

The application can be used in VR with All-in-one glasses or on any 2D display device (tablet, PC, mobile phone).